finished horses

Made from European oak, this is the first rocking horse, made by Sam Glass, in our workshop here in Cornwall, hence the Cornish name.


The oak used has been in Sam possession for about 14 years. Moving house, with Sam, seven times!! It is what was left over from when he had his own workshop and business in Yorkshire. The horse was created while our Cornish home was being renovated.

The safety stand is made from ash, hand selected from Woodstock, our Cornish suppliers. 

She is a large rocking horse, 122 cm high, 155 cm long & 52 cm wide. She has real horse hair, on the hide, for her mane and tail and quality, professionally made leather tack; she is signed right inside her belly, where you can't see (all horses made by Sam have been signed like this and so will Sarah's; to be found a hundreds of years from now).

Demelza has now SOLD


Called Rose after the Roseland Peninsula in South Cornwall; it has a beautiful mild climate, with gentle un-spoilt scenery. 

Rose is an extra small rosewood on oak bow rockers; the rosewood was bought 20 years ago, when rosewood wasn't so rare. It too has moved house with Sam Glass and possible up to nine times, before we decided that it should be made into a small decorative horse at the suggestion of one of Sarah's brothers.

The oak rockers are made from what was left over from making Demelza;  (as nothing goes to waste at Sam Glass Rocking Horses; Smaller pieces are turned in to small items for Sam & Sarah's grandchildren, Sarah's art projects or wood for the wood burner in their house).

Rose has the finest cow hair, on the hide, as this gives for a finer quality to her scale.

She has a beautiful feel to her body, a bit like satin, as she has been finely finished.

Because of her rarity, and because there will never be another Rose, she is for sale at £799 including free delivery, or you can collect her from our workshop


Sorry to all the 'Martins'' that are known to Sam & Sarah but this little extra small stunner is named after our removals man; the Martin who moved us from Yorkshire to North Cornwall.

On our moving day in April 2016, Martin's 18 ton lorry grounded on our tiny steep Cornish lane. Sam used a lump of oak that had been part of his collection of 'useful timber' (that had also moved house seven or eight times). The lump of oak was laid in the road under the back wheel of the 18 ton lorry, lifting it high enough to raise the back end up and the lorry finally was able to reverse up our steep lane and head back up country. 

It was Sarah's suggestion that there was just enough oak to make "one just like Rose".

He is on beech bow rockers, the beech was hand selected from Woodstock. He has blonde cow hair on the hide and no tack, like Rose.

Martin has now sold

Don't worry as Sancreed is nearly finished